Why is what you eat important?

Too often people find themselves following a great exercise regime, but still not getting the weight control results they want. This is because their 100% accurate exercise isn’t complemented with a 100% accurate diet. Without the right fuel, your body will not recover and will lead to an inability to perform at your best.

Inner Nutrition was developed by Gregor and Alice Tait, drawing on their expertise of a combined 20 year experience of training and competing for their countries. Inner Nutrition aims to cater for everyone from the very elite athlete, to the most basic athlete – from those who want to lose some weight, maintain their current levels, or gain muscle mass – teaching everyone along the way to become responsible for the food they eat and the consequences of their decisions.

It is a long-term goal of Inner Nutrition to bridge the gap that exists between the athletic world and the real world. Steps have been taken toward this with a large number of our clients coming from the athlete world ( see testimonials ) joining the program to teach themselves diet techniques for their current competitive careers and consequently learn good habits for their future.

Every single client of Inner Nutrition will have their every need looked at. They will then be provided with a personalised nutritional plan, with weekly updates, and even the inclusion of ‘treat’ meals! No matter what your goal, Inner Nutrition will give you the direction to get there, and help you ‘unlock your inner potential’.